In a region near Tokyo called Hakone.

Principles in what I do:

  • “You have to see the dark to see the light”.
  • “You don’t know until you try”.
  • “You have to enjoy the process”.

After Hour Projects – Podcast, blog, and online course sharing stories on side projects, tactics on how to do them, and a program for executing.

Crypto NYC – Community manager for blockchain-focused coworking space and community organization.

Startup Boost NYC – Associate for pre-accelerator program bringing together startups for six weeks for mentorship, mingling, and education.

Social Impact Scholars – Ran partnerships for nonprofit connecting college students with consulting opportunities at mission-driven companies.


  • Squad Ventures – conducted due diligence and provided fundraising strategy advice for early-stage blockchain company.
  • Access Ventures – built community partnerships for blockchain incentivized prize competition.
  • Share Meals – managed social media for app matching students with food on campus.